Friday, 17 May 2013

Surprise Treasures

It has been a funny week ... On Wednesday the day had started off well.  I had been on my way to the doctors via the cashpoint only to find my way was blocked just after the local Co-op.  The pub on the corner had caught fire and the fire brigade had closed the road.  There was lots of smoke to be seen, not sure how much damage has been done.  There were lots of spectators.

I returned home to find not one egg, but two eggs sat in the gravel on the drive.  No apparent reason, I can only guess a Magpie or Jackdaw dropped them there.  The giveaway was the scattering of blackbird feathers on the lawn. There still seems to be the same amount of blackbirds and babies feeding in the front garden at the moment so hope the victim escaped.  I think the one on the left is a blackbird's egg and the one on the right is a pigeon's.

Later that day whilst hanging some washing out in the back garden there were strange noises emanating from the front garden.  I went round the house to investigate and found nothing.  I turned to return to the back and had only taken a couple of footsteps when there were more cracks and then a louder creaking and cracking.  A huge branch had decided to fall off an Ash tree across the stream and adjacent to our garden.

On Thursday the electrician almost finished the wiring and it is all just to test now, but the builder did not turn up so we have got a few jobs to complete.  One of which is the tiling in the kitchen.  We were several tiles short and earlier in the week the courier managed to lose the extra ones, but then they seem to have found them again.  This was after the tile shop had decided to take the tiles off their sample board so that we could finish the job.

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  1. Golly you were lucky not to be in the fire, have eggs or a branch land on your head ............. hope the washing got dry okay??? lol