Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Drawing a Day No 1

Having popped to the Library yesterday to return a book I had finished I inevitably came back with a couple more, one of which was 'One Drawing A Day' by Veronica Lawlor.  It was one of the recommended books on the end of a shelving unit and caught my eye.

I have decided I will try and do a sketch a day for one week, not the recommended six weeks the book suggests as I do not think I could keep it up that long.  Today's drawing was done in a few minutes whilst having my breakfast and was the bits and pieces I had been using yesterday afternoon whilst making a 'dummy' apron/pinafore to try and get it the right size.  I have given away the one I made in linen and lovely blue fabric as it just did not fit me anywhere.  I am still having trouble with the sizing, but that could just be down to the fact that I am half cart horse (lower) and half race horse (upper).

This little beauty was sat on the doorframe of the garage when I went out last night to put the washing line away.  I will have to find out what it is when I have a minute, but suspect it will be something that has been on the nearby oak tree.

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