Monday, 24 August 2015

Farfield Mill Exhibition

Thought I would put one or two photographs from the exhibition on my Blog today to encourage people to go and see the exhibition.  I am afraid I did not use flash on some of the pictures, and even though I have played around with them in Photoshop, the colours are still not true to life but give you the general idea.

Loved the tumbled glass stoppers used on these upturned glass funnels.  Can imagine they have been in the sea and had all the edges worn off them.

Also loved this piece (above and below)

I had already seen some of Jan Miller's stitched and collaged strips when I was at the TSG Summer School and it was lovely to have time to look at them properly.  They record a journey I think (the theme of which was 'In and Out of the Landscape') .

Mary Sleigh's work has always delighted me and these two pieces were no exception.  Afraid my photographs do not do them justice.

This exhibition is a great example of how to stretch the boundaries of stitch and art and a true inspiration to everyone who wants to develop their work and make it personal to themselves and their environment.

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