Thursday, 27 August 2015

Resist Printing

I have been testing some samples of resist printing using Gram Flour (chickpea) during this past week without much success so it is back to the drawing board I am afraid.  Here are my two trial pieces ....

I made a paste of Gram Flour and water and then spread it onto two pieces of cotton fabric, which had already been adhered to A4 sheets of Freezer Paper to provide stability.  They were drawn into and stamped onto with various items to create a pattern.  Once dry you crack the surface to allow the applied colour to leak through to the fabric.

 On the first one I used acrylic paint and water.  It might now also have some watered down Inktense block on it too.

The one above used acrylic paint (some of it is my lovely Golden acrylics) and textile medium to thin down the consistency.  The odd white corner is as a result of my having forgotten to take a photograph before I started to crack off the dry paste to see what was underneath. Well it did not work very well and I was really disappointed.

When I realised I had not got very much colour through the paste onto the fabric I stopped taking it off and will now have another try using Procion dye, soda solution and salt.

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