Friday, 14 August 2015

Everything In It's Place

I am not sure how I came to be messing about with these bits and pieces yesterday.  I was busy doing lots of cleaning, as we are having visitors at the weekend, and some of these bits and pieces were laid on the windowledge in the kitchen.  I suddenly remembered the two boxes we had all made with Mary Sleigh at the TSG Summer School so went and got them out of the bag of stuff still to be put away upstairs.

I had to remember how to fold the boxes which took a few minutes of fiddling.  I then cut out two and then another two.  I cut some pieces of card to go in the base to stiffen them up.  Next 'light bulb' moment was realising I could stick the four of them together, and oh .... perhaps I should make a couple more and stick them on too.  So I ended up with six.

Some of my bits looked lost so I tried to make a half size box in black card and, as that worked, made two more in white cartridge paper that was lying around.

The contents are:-

A piece of honeycomb, that originally had a bit of mistletoe branch attached to it, from the day next door's bees swarmed up our tree in the front garden.  A common occurence but they do not usually make honeycomb before they are retrieved, or worse still, fly off!!

A skeletonised holly leaf from under the holly bush in the front garden that I used when making an 'Autumn Leaf' square for the Worcester branch of the EG, plus two Hazelnuts DH brought in from the back garden which he thought I might like and which the squirrels had discarded.

Three burst open cyclamen seed pods I found last week in the back garden under my newly planted hornbeam hedge, which I brought in and have been attempting to draw.  Yesterday I noticed they had one flower out too which had been hidden under leaves.

Two pebbles I put in my pocket whilst out for a lovely walk around The Lenches with a group of friends from Yorkshire who were staying in the Cotswolds for a few days rambling.

Part of the skeleton of a greenfinch and the beak of a blackbird .... all from the garden.

Lastly, part of a very delicate and beautifully coloured swallow egg shell I came back with from Brockhampton Estate a few weeks ago together with a Tree Bumblebee I found dead on the patio and have meant to sketch, but to date have not.

NOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT .... put it back on the windowsill I suppose.

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  1. What exciting finds, and nearly all from your garden - I shall have to spend more time looking at mine - there is obviously treasure to be found !