Friday, 11 December 2015

In a Twist

Since I came back from Rydal Hall I have been messing about with some hyperbolic crochet.  There was lots of crocheted sculpture in the trees at Rydal and I seemed to recall that I had done something similar whilst at college several years ago. Ever since then I have been trying to work out what it was.

These are my first efforts and I am now on my second set of samples to perfect the technique.  I want to hang them from the trees in the garden like catkins, probably in the wild part.  Hopefully they will weather nicely and may even get some lichen growing on them like the ones at Rydal.


I used non-machine washable wool in the hope that they will eventually felt.  I may yet put them in the washing machine at 60 degrees to see what happens.

The ones I am working on at the moment are much shorter than these two and I think I have perfected how to add a bobble edge.

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