Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Oh Christmas Tree .....

I know these are not a Christmas tree, but they were on the way to going to see some in Worcester Cathedral.  They are a feature of the River Severn in Worcester and a nice lady with a small child was throwing bread at them.  The river was well and truly in flood again, but not over the banks thank goodness.

I had to take my little car 'Nobby' in for his MOT test so spent a couple of hours in Worcester.  Going to see the Worcester EG Christmas tree at the cathedral was on my list of 'Things to Do'.  I was absolutely overwhelmed when I eventually got there.  There were lots and lots of them and they were fabulous.  The schoolchildren singing carols added to the general ambience.  Think they were rehearsing for a concert.

View towards the entrance
Worcester EG Tree
The Embroiderers' Guild tree was decorated with purple felt stars decorated in purple and silver which had been made by the individual members of the branch.  It did look very nice.

Cathedral Library Tree

Afternoon Tea Tree?

Spetchley Park Tree

Pershore British Legion Tree
Elgar School of Music Tree
This tree had to be my favourite one but it was difficult to get a decent photograph of it.  It was made from music stands adorned with stars made from sheet music.  It was just lovely in all its silvery presence.

Loved this one.  It was covered in tiny patchwork trees and underneath it there were several larger patchwork trees.  I think I might have to go back and have another look at all the trees as there were so many and it was easy to miss some of the detail.

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