Wednesday, 30 December 2015

More Travelling Journal

As I am due to receive my own completed Yorkshire Travelling Journal back in January 2016 I thought I could possibly reveal some of the entries from 2014 now.  Above is the inspiration page for September 2014.  One of my friends is obsessed with pears and it set me off thinking, perhaps I could do something too.  I made a compressed sponge print block of a pear and then found a cutting in The Daily Telegraph and off I went ....

Front laid on a piece of dyed or painted paper or fabric

The reverse after a bit of daubing
We have completed three years of the YTJ's now and there have been between 7 and 10 of us participating in total. After the first year one or two new people joined the group.  Last year one person had to drop out due to family and work commitments and another is having a 'Holiday' for the time being due to ill health, but hopefully she will be back with us when we start again in February 2016.

It has been a tremendous way of keeping in touch with my stitching pals up in Yorkshire and has also made me complete a piece of something stitched every 6 weeks which I would never have achieved otherwise! An added bonus is going out to dinner at the end of the 'Journey' so that we can all look at each other's YTJ's and see what marvellous things have been added since we last saw them.

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