Thursday, 31 January 2013

Camels for All

This is a strange thing to be posting on my blog ... It is destined to become a sketchbook cover one day as a present for a friend from college who was always telling us to look for our 'Daily Camel' (he is a friend of 'John's Allotment' previously blogged).  I wonder if camels were meant to be lucky or a good omen?  Shall investigate further.

The background is artist's canvas, white gesso was applied and left to dry before adding acrylic paint.  The camel is one of my homemade stamps from a previous project.

I have had the cutting for ages and after trying unsuccessfully to transfer an image of the cutting using an enlarged and reversed photocopy and transfer paints I gave up and stuck the actual cutting to the canvas using Modge Podge.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this piece of work, but I really like the colours.  It is a piece of Evolon which has had transfer dye applied.  The colour arose from reusing a piece of typing paper which had previously been painted with transfer dye.  I had obviously used a different colour the first time round and some residue of it must have remained.  I think it was purple first and then blue the second time.

Since then I have added a circle of bondaweb and foiled it with gold.  I am planning to add stitch next.

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