Sunday, 20 January 2013

Yorkshire Travelling Journal

Finished the cover for my Yorkshire 'Travelling Journal'.  I used a bit of my dyed fabric and an old blouse from a stash of fabrics obtained whilst at college when studying for my BTEC Art & Design - Textiles course almost 10 years ago.

We were encouraged to go to a Jumble Sale at the beginning of the course, at the end of which we paid a small amount of money for a black bin bag which you could fill up with anything that was left unsold.  I accumulated lots clothing items made of natural fabrics.  At the time I washed and ironed them before storing away in a box and bits of them have come in very useful over the years - so a TOP TIP.  The buttons and labels from them are also useful and the fabrics can be dyed.  Not sure organisations still have Jumble Sales these days.  I bet there are some H&S issues!!

There are only three of us participating in this 'Journal' - 2 in Yorkshrie and me in Worcestershire.  It is also A5 Portrait which should prove a bit of a challenge for me as I prefer to work landscape.  There is a nice surprise on the reverse side of the cover for one of the participants and it should make her laugh.


  1. Fabulous explain please? Travelling journal? I must have missed this a journal swap maybe?
    I copied maggies shrunken books but have to dabble......mind I NEED some? lol

  2. A Travelling Journal is a group project. Each person starts a sketchbook. One side of a two page fold has inspiration/artwork the otherside has a stitched(?) sample. You then pass your journal to another person in the group and they add a two page spread before passing it on again. There is a deadline and you are not allowed to default on it otherwise the whole thing falls down. There is no theme. At the end you get your travelling journal back with work from all the group in it. If you enjoyed the experience you can start again.