Saturday, 19 January 2013

January Snow

After a full day of snow yesterday today it is much calmer so I donned my wellies and popped over to the other side of the stream in the garden to survey the scene.  The view of the back of the house clearly shows where we have still not got round to painting the render on the rebuilt part of the house, plus it is obvious where the loft insulation has been removed for the time being whilst the ventilation for the two showers is being installed.

Below you can just about make out the house through the trees.  At least there is not too much water in the stream at the moment.


  1. You seem to have moved to a lovely place!

    BTW, you *are* the Hazel who was in 3rd year when I was in 1st (the only one I could do) at Harrogate College for C&G, aren't you??

    Pop over and see my blog some time. My work isn't as adventurous as yours, but I try!!

    1. I can't escape can I? I keep in touch with all the others in my year, plus Annie and Diane the tutors. Will check out your blog.

    2. Did you want to escape?? Hope not...

      I caught up with Annie and Diane at the Nov K&S fair, which was great. I wondered if I might see you at the Guild stall, but, after looking through their blog links, I saw you seemed to have moved!=)

      Keep up the good work - it's good to see that you haven't stopped creating great textiles.=)

  2. Your house is starting to look nearly finished - at least on the outside ! Hope blinds are progressing ! Love your bit of woodland