Saturday, 26 January 2013

More doodling

These scribbles are what I do when I get up too early and do not feel like going back to bed - I sit and doodle and paint, or do a bit of stitching, or plan lots of projects in my head (which unfortunately never reach fruition!).  Anyway, it is quiet, peaceful ME time.

We do have lots and lots of goldfinches in the garden most of the time, but they get beaten up by the greenfinches who take precedence on the feeders.

During the snow we have also had a couple of juvenile looking Redwings (now decided they were Fieldfares) eating some windfall apples, plus we had a Great Spotted Woodpecker pay a visit this past week, which has to be a first I think.

The other sketch is from a photograph I kept out of a Saturday magazine.  I love the texture of lathe and plaster and thought I might do something with the detail from the image.

We have had our fair share of snow this past week too and I meant to go out and about and take some photographs .... but afraid I never got round to it.  A shame as a local Ledbury based sculptor (Ed Elliott) produced some large angels made of snow in Malvern.
Ed Elliott's magnificent Malvern Hills snow angel. Well done, Ed. We love it!


  1. They're lovely - your finches, I mean.=)

    Mmm, yes. I think most creative people have the same 'problem' in that they can come up with many, many more ideas than they could ever have time to bring to fruition! Even if we had all day to work on them, I think we could never create in reality all that we create in our minds. And, of course, several of them would never work out as we wanted anyway!!=)

  2. Love your 'doodles'. Must make myself draw !

  3. lovely sketching.......and what an ace snow build too!