Friday, 12 July 2013

Garden Visit

Bobbie James
This week I have been on an outing to Highgrove with Malvern Horticultural Society.  I took DH with me.  I have been fortunate enough to have been before some years ago, much earlier in the season when the tulips were out.  The garden did not disappoint - it was fantastic and the sun shone all day. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photographs so the roses above are in our garden.  They scramble up and then down an apple tree in the corner of our garden.  They smell lovely and are a wonderful sight.  All the roses have been very late flowering this year.  Mr C's bees have still not swarmed yet, but are about to I believe.  They are also making lots of honey at the moment with all this lovely warm weather.

Doing bits of stitching in the sunshine at the rear of the house. I had to buy a parasol for the now finished patio.  It was joined a few days later by a garden table as I had nowhere to put my bits and pieces.  I have been altering some roman blinds as they no longer fit the windows they were made for, which were made narrower during the building work.  Also done a bit more work on the caravan picture which is getting closer to being a very small quiltlet which can be hung.

Completed the Yorkshire Travelling Journal and got it sent off and almost finished the Worcestershire TJ too.  However, the next Yorkshire TJ has arrived in the mail so shall have to get inspired and think of something to fill my two pages.  I cannot post pictures from either of the Travelling Journals as it would spoil the element of surprise for all those participating!

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