Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wild Life

No pictures I am afraid.  Sox caught himself a squirrel this morning, however, as he did not manage to kill it, after a lot of screeching it escaped.  He then proceeded to chase it around the Dell and somehow it fell out of a tree into the stream. It managed to get itself out, looking like a drowned rat, and ran up the oak tree.  Sox followed up the tree and I found him trying to get himself back down travelling backwards using his claws as hooks!

There is never a dull moment here!  We now have a problem with rats and I have been trying to trap them for the past few days.  They are taking food from under the bird feeders.  I have seen them a couple of times and they look to be young ones.  They must be coming along the stream I think.

Pigeons are still a big problem, but now down to two racing pigeons.  No longer feeding them and hope they will decide to return to their true homes.  Not much chance I do not think.

Had a green woodpecker feeding on the lawn again this week.  Think it is a juvenile.  Also had the predicted thunderstorms but not much rain, luckily the stream did not rise too high and the brown trout are still there.

No stitching done as we had visitors last weekend and have some more this coming weekend.  Seem to have spent my entire week washing, ironing, shopping and cooking ....

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