Sunday, 28 July 2013


We had visitors over the weekend and we went to Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb on Saturday.  The men never got much further than the paddock, but us ladies climbed up to the top of the steep hill and found a very nice viewpoint to watch the timed runs.  There were a couple of Ginettas - a G4 and a G16, but unfortunately the G4 never got off the start line.

Having people to stay also meant I got to go out for a nice 2 hour walk on Sunday morning.  DH dropped us off in West Malvern and we walked up to the Worcester Beacon before returning home via the Quarry, then down Cowleigh Bank.  The weather was just right, not too hot.  I was rather worried that we had taken the wrong path down, but we managed to come out at the right place in the end.

We had an excellent Sunday lunch at Colwall Park before our friends departed for Yorkshire.  Since then we have had some much needed rain.

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