Thursday, 25 July 2013


The sun is still shining, although it is a little bit cooler as we had rain overnight.  Thought I would put something cheery on my blog today. These are Inulas and I love their fluffy flower buds before they emerge into these bright and sunny daisies.  It is the first year they have flowered in this garden.  I also have some mad white chrysanthamum type daisies in flower too.  They look a bit like a Barbara Cartland hat and their curved petals are out of control.  They could be having a bad hair day?

My efforts to trap a rat have resulted in my catching a hedgehog instead!  I released it and gave it a nice big plateful of catfood which it seemed to enjoy before scampering off into the undergrowth behind the garage.  Think I may have to employ the services of a professional ratcatcher as they are too clever for me.

More visitors this weekend so better get on with the housework .....

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