Friday, 12 July 2013

Homeless Pigeon?

It is hard coming into the house to Blog when it is lovely weather outside .... at least that is my excuse.

Some of you may know that I have been having trouble with a homing pigeon.  Guess he is a bloke.  He had been hanging around the front garden eating the bird food for a while so we decided we (me) had better catch him and get him sent back to his owner.  After a lot of hassle - both with the catching and the returning - off he went and I stupidly thought that was the end of him.

He has returned virtually every day since and follows me around looking for food and (DH says) someone to talk to.  I have given up all hope of him returning to his rightful owner.

On Thursday of this week he turned up with a lady friend and then showed her how he had worked out how to get food out of the bird feeder that was sat on the rear door step.  (It was there because I was having trouble with a pair of squirrels raiding and emptying the feeders hung in a tree in the front garden).

She has got different coloured rings on her legs to him, so guessing she has come from a another pigeon fancier.  I am not impressed (and neither is Sox - as you can see) as we do not want the patter of baby homing pigeons messing up our lovely garden.  They are dirty creatures - pooing everywhere!!  Sox has kept eyeing them up, but has decided he cannot manage to catch one or both of them.

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  1. well quite a change to the run of the mill cat burglers I suppose lol