Monday, 5 August 2013

3 August 2013

Worcester Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild organised two venues in and around Worcester on Saturday as part of the national "Celebration of Stitch".  Our group, who are also members of one of the Venture groups "Running Stitchers", were outside at the Guild Hall.  Would you not think after all this beautiful weather we could have expected a nice dry day.  Oh No!!  It decided to rain heavily mid morning and we had several showers and all got very wet.

The staff at the Guild Hall were so helpful and found space for us to move inside at lunchtime.  Then the sun came out so some members went outside again with a table, fabric and materials and carried on stitching.

However, we did enjoy ourselves and we were bouyed up by some willing members of the public who kindly added some stitches to our Stitching Line.

Can you see thesweet little pink bird on this section?

The lovely lady who made this butterfly had not stitched for years and had developed problems with her eyesight in recent years.  I think she did a brilliant job.


  1. A very enjoyable event. I shall remember how to do fly stitch now!

  2. Pleased you learnt something and hope you carry on stitching.