Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Rust revisited

I decided to bring this piece of rusted cloth in off the Amelanchier tree it has been tied to in the back garden.  It has been there since at least January or February and it has not done what I expected and wanted it to.  I thought the newspaper would disintegrate, but as you can see it is just as I stitched it all those months ago.  It has had rain, snow, wind and sunshine on it but it seems to be indestructable.

This is the reverse side of it, which I have flipped in Photoshop so that the writing is decipherable. Perhaps I should soak the cloth and give it a scrub to distress the newspaper?

This is the other thing I have been trying.  Using Alice Fox's method of putting strong tea onto metal this is the result I got.  It is a washer I picked up in a car park somewhere and three nails out of our floorboards.  The paper is watercolour paper, not too heavy.  This is the result after being left overnight.  Fortunately I have a pile of nice bits of watercolour paper that are offcuts from when I did collagraph printing at college.

This second piece is on a heavy watercolour paper, the top part of which has had white acrylic rollered on it over a template, then some Inktense block washed over it.  The bottom half has had the strong tea treatment over an assortment of nails, a washer and what I believe is a link from a bicycle chain.  I flicked tea over the pieces to re-wet them and ended up with the blobs further up the paper.

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