Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Woodpeckers go Nuts

Had an interesting afternoon.  I have heard a woodpecker hammering away at a tree for the past few days, but because there are so many leaves at the moment have not been able to see it.  Got the binoculars out this afternoon and managed to find the culprit - a juvenile greater spotted woodpecker sat on a dead branch that had either a convenient hole or fork in it.  It was putting nuts into the gap and then pecking them to get at the contents.  Not sure how it got the hoard of nuts up there because it was not an Hazel tree. 

I then realised that there was a juvenile green woodpecker perched up a dead weeping willow further up the stream, not in our garden.  It looked very lost and was not doing much of anything, just sitting there. We have seen it quite a few times, at first with its parents but now it is by itself.

There seems to be an abundance of nuts this year which the squirrels are making the most of.  The oak tree has also got lots of acorns.  It suffered dreadfully from gall last year with the result that there were no unaffected acorns for the wildlife to eat.

I am back making curtains again and have almost finished a pair for Bedroom 2.  I do hate making them and it means I cannot get on with any creative stitching.

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