Thursday, 6 February 2014

Background Papers

We spent most of the bookbinding lesson last week creating papers for use as covers for our books.  We were then asked to produce two A1 size sheets at home ready for this week, so I spent yesterday afternoon with an homemade stencil, acrylic paint and a roller filling in two huge sheets of paper in readiness.  I am quite pleased with the results, particularly the one on the right hand side.  I could not be bothered to wash my paint roller so mixed yellow paint with the remains of the burnt sienna paint used on the first sheet and got a lovely shaded effect on the leaves.

It is strange how things turn out.  This piece of A3 paper was collaged with squares of newspaper.  The newspaper had been used to clean a stencil after it had been rollered with white acrylic paint. I added a coating of walnut ink when I got it home.

Upon looking at it again I realised it reminded me of the photograph below of a manhole cover over a cellar in Malvern which I took some time ago when a friend was visiting.

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