Sunday, 9 February 2014

World War I Poem

I have been researching some ideas for the project that eleven of us are involved in for our Venture Group (The Running Stitchers).  I have found two lovely books in the Library plus I am reading a biographical book about Edward Thomas to give me some background on what he was like.

I am now trying out some samples by drawing and painting, which is how I like to get started, and have come up with these:-
I have a long thin sketchbook (which I call 'Explore') where I sometimes play or put samples.  The top one is an old one which I might now find useful for what I have in mind.  The two below are new entries.  I have bought myself a Mixed Media book by Sherrill Kahn for my birthday and have been trying out some of her techniques.

Ploughed fields and barbed wire are two of the things I am considering.

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