Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Not being able to get on with much else because of the awful weather I got some sewing out and finished off this little needlecase I have been working on for ages.

It was made from a piece of space dyed fabric I had been given by a friend.  I did a lot of hand stitching on it, added some sequins and a button then attached the pelmet vilene, lining and a ribbon ready to have the inside pages stitched in ....  that was when the problems began. I could not remember how to program the letters to stitch on the pages.  The solution was to go and find the manual. Succeeded in the end and it is now almost finished.


  1. You reminded me of that old chestnut: 'If all else fails, read the instructions'!!=)

    Hope you'll post the fully finished item as well.

  2. The needlecase you made for me with my name on the first page and space for all my needles comes with me to classes and courses and is much admired. I am sure this one will be loved by whoever you give it to - it's not quite as nice as mine, obviously !