Sunday, 16 February 2014

Boiled Books (2nd Attempt)

Last week I had another attempt at boiling watercolour paper with plant material and onion skins (both red and white) and the above is some of the results I achieved.  The dark colours may have come from the seed heads of a weed in the garden called Figwort.
I made this piece, which was boiled folded, into a little concertina book adding cardboard covers with paper I decorated myself.

I also tried a different technique for dyeing the paper this time wrapping the watercolour paper around a tin can secured with elastic bands.  You can see where the elastic bands went.  The whole thing was also wrapped in a strip of cotton fabric which has taken the dye from the plant material very well.

The dark line down the middle is where I folded the fabric in half and tucked it into the top of the can.  Here again, on the left hand side, you can see where the elastic bands went around the tin.

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