Saturday, 6 June 2015

A bit of a struggle

I have to make an A5 page, landscape in aspect, for bookbinding.  They are all going to be combined into a book to show students' work.  I have made two attempts to date and am not happy with either of them.  This is the first.

I have tried to alter the original colour a bit by adding some Markal oilstick, but I am still not happy with it and it does actually look much better 'portrait'.

I then decided to try another piece of paper and this is as far as I have got. It needs a lot more work yet and I need to be in the mood so have left it for today.

My inspiration for both pieces was the water tanks I saw at Berrington Hall and I think the bottom one probably reflects the colours more truly.

I then decided to make a little card to go with something I am sending to someone and this is what I came up with cobbled together from bits and pieces from my little heap of saved treasures.  The feather is from a blackbird.  Think it must have been molting as I found it in the front garden.  The card actually looks much better in the flesh and will do for what I need it for.

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