Friday, 12 June 2015

Catch Up Friday

I do not seem to have done much today but have got round to sorting out some jobs that have been on my 'Mental List' for ages.  I have dyed some fabric with Potassium Permanganate ...

On the left is a piece of Dupion Silk which went a nice dark brown, the top sheer fabric is some kind of silk chiffon which also dyed a lovely dark brown.  Below that is a piece of calico and in the centre is some PFD Cotton (at least I think that is what it is).  I found the process very easy but would like more mottling so need to ensure the fabric is scrunched and folded more I think.

Next, I actually got round to putting fabric and natural dye (Rhubarb Root) plus mordant (Oak Gall Extract) into a large kilner jar that I got at 'Wonderwool' over a year ago from Helen Melvin.  Not too sure what I am doing but I think I must periodically add the other two dyes so that I get a layered effect.  I have trapped the tops of the bits of fabric in the lid of the jar.  I put in a mixture of cotton, scrim, silk velvet, calico and dupion silk so shall see what happens over the summer months.  Just got to remember to add the other dyes at intervals.

I also popped down to the college to take my page for the 'Book of Ours' that Anna, our tutor, is putting together and, although I was dubious about my effort, it looked okay when placed with the others from the class.

Lastly, I have added a layer of white acrylic through a stencil to my Yorkshire Travelling Journal bag which I stamped with letters some weeks ago.  When the acrylic drys I am then going to pull some dye plus thickner over it.

Must admit it does not look very exciting at the moment and I accidentally got some white paint on the letter 'T'.  All this and I still managed to do some washing, ironing and a bit of food shopping.

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  1. You put me to shame ! I have been to the tip then out for lunch. Other than that and watering the pots, the rest of my day has frittered away - will try harder tomorrow !