Saturday, 13 June 2015

More Messing Around

The instructions for the Helen Melvin dye jar said put on a sunny windowsill, or in your conservatory or outside.  It would rain today wouldn't it!!

It won't be staying here as I am afraid it might ferment and explode out of the jar so it will be going outside onto our hot, sunny patio before too long.

I also did a bit more to the bag for my Travelling Journal ...

I used some Procion dyes to which had been added some Manutex.  I thought they might be unusable as they have been made up for ages, but they still seem to work.  First of all I pulled some white acrylic through a stencil using a small squeegee.  I put too much colour onto the main piece so used it up on an odd piece of calico.  I shall give them a wash perhaps tomorrow.  They will go much lighter coloured, even if I use Synthrapol.

Apart from that I have messed about with ideas for the books I have to make for an exhibition in August and chased three squirrels that have been entertaining themselves in the garden for most of the day.

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