Monday, 22 June 2015

A Seasonal Book

I have been busy this past week making some books for an exhibition in August, however, Sod's Law, most of what I have done has gone wrong in some way or other.  I was making a combination book which has four sections to it and decided that I would create Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as the theme.  The cover uses some handmade paper with leaves in it.  This was the first thing to go wrong.  Although I had put some iron on interfacing on the back of the paper to strengthen the folded areas, the glue somehow managed to leak through onto the cover.  I have got to find a solution to this problem, which may well be to apply some skeleton leaves to the surface.

Since then I have been working on the inside pages and have come up with the following:-

For Spring and Summer I used Inktense pencils and blocks to paint the flowers and printed some poetry onto the A5 folded sheet.  The poem for Summer was by John Clare.

Autumn was printed leaves ...
and Winter really stumped me until I went and got out my stencils and Lumiere paints and put a band of colour top and bottom.  I had been using a mixture of pearlised white, silver and gold prior to doing this page and have ended up with a pewter type of colour.

Now all I have to do is resolve the problem with the cover!!

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  1. Love your illustrations - clever you - and the jolly poems too ! I especially like Blake's image of the 'lusty song of fruit and flowers' - a cornucopia of all the senses.