Monday, 15 June 2015

Birds and Roses

My pigeon friends have now brought along some younger versions of themselves and I cannot decide whether they are their offspring or not.

On the left, in the trough, is the ringed racing pigeon with a hole in his neck and on the right is one of the young ones. The other one seems to be missing this evening.
and here we have the first pair joined by the one we call 'White Wings' and they are all wondering when I am going to give them something to eat.
'White Wings' is not allowed to eat whilst the 'holey one' is eating.

The roses are gradually coming out in the garden now, but my favourites are the wild roses which we have in the front hedge.  We have the pink ones at the top of the hedge and at the bottom we have these white ones ....
In addition to these our next door neighbour's 'Rambling Rector' is now in full bloom and the perfume fills our front garden.  The ramblers in our back garden are only just starting to open their buds.  We have Francis E Lester, Felicite de Perpetue and Bobby James.


  1. Well I see what you mean about the young pigeons - sorry I laughed ! They are very alike!
    Wish the pigeons in my garden waited for food - they are thugs and plunder the feeders, mainly by battering them and spilling the seed!

  2. It is the collared doves who do that here!