Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Walk on the Wild Side

What a lovely time I had on Wednesday of this week.

Several friends from Yorkshire (and a dog) had come down to stay in the Cotswolds for a 3 day walking holiday with their regular walking group.  I was lucky enough to be able to join them for a 5 mile circular walk around Chipping Camden.  The weather was fantastic, company good and countryside breathtaking.  One gentleman on the walk (not mentioning who) thought that two of us had not seen anything as we were chatting so much.  That is what happens when you only meet up once or twice a year at most!!

This was part of the group trying to decide what they could see by looking at a waymarker on the route.
.... and this is what others in the party were doing in the meantime.  (Man with dog is the source of the rude comment about our chatting)  We came across some lovely wild orchids and ragged robins in a meadow and at the edge of woodland during the walk.  Later we enjoyed a pleasant lunch at The Noel Arms, sitting outside in the sunshine. This was followed by a stroll along the High Street and a dip into the Court Barn Museum before heading back to their hotel for a cup of tea.

After much deliberation I finaly decided to purchase a Sat Nav earlier in the week and it has caused me quite a lot of aggravation one way and another.  First of all it would not talk to our PC, nor the laptop.  I then spent hours over two consecutive days holding onto a freephone number to get assistance before eventually getting an email sent to me with several options to try.  I did eventually get it to register and download information.  DH would have nothing to do with the SatNav - he prefers to use a map and/or try unknown roads that go who knows where, wasting many hours of precious time.

I then discovered the SatNav does not want to direct you along the route you wish to take.  I spent my first journey ignoring it telling me to 'turn right' off the route I was on.  I knew exactly where I was going, I just wanted to know how to operate it.  I admit it was helpful on Wednesday in finding the walkers hotel, but not convinced it took me along the best route.  By this time I did not care .... I just wanted to get there without getting lost!

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  1. glad you had a lovely day -I too have a love/hate relationship with my satnav !