Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cat Napping

This is the lovely Sox.  He has had a hard life.  He was a stray before I started to feed him.  After the trauma of being taken to the vet to be neutered he decided it was better to permanenly take up residence with us, much to the disgust of our then two existing cats.  When we moved he had to come with us of course and now seems to be fairly happy living here (apart from the fact that we have not supplied him with a catflap to come and go as he pleases).  Life was all too much for him yesterday as it was very hot and sunny so he decided to have a nap on the garden table whilst I was busy doing the crossword after lunch.

Was very sad to find the magpies have discovered the location of a blackbirds nest in the clematis in our back garden.  They were harrassing the parents on Wednesday afternoon.  That gave me the excuse to sit out in the garden all afternoon under an umbrella in order to scare them off.  The young blackbirds look as if they are almost ready to fledge.  There are at least three of them.


  1. Aaah ! He looks so content.

  2. Lucky Sox! I wish I had time for a nap on the garden table.