Monday, 23 June 2014


This beautiful little moth has been hanging around in the back garden for several days.  It is a Scarlet Tiger Moth I think.  It has got damage to the bottom edge of  its left upper wing.  It looks as if it has been singed.  It also has a red and black striped body and a red underside to its wings.  A startling thing to see.

Printing class again this morning and we were trying our hand at drypoint printing.The plate was something I have not used before - Rhenalon.  It was similar to OHP plastic and you just scratched the surface with a needle (or similar) to create lines.  Found it difficult to see what you were actually drawing onto it.

I did not ink this up very well as I did it in a hurry.  I had spent most of the lesson making a first print from a collagraph print I had prepared the previous week using textured wallpaper scraps, carborundum and other bits and pieces.

The lesson got off to a bad start as the fire alarm went off just as we arrived so we spent a while out in the car park in the lovely sunshine until the problem was resolved and we could go back in.

The past week has been busy too.  Met up with Harrogate EG pals on Wednesday and had a nice walk. Went out for a meal with friends from Darlington on Thursday evening.  Met up with friends from Kent who had been to a Bristol Owners event at Prescott on Sunday.

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  1. I like the drypoint - I know you said it wasn't inked properly but the technique really shows off your sketching skills.