Monday, 30 June 2014

Shell Gallery Ledbury

Managed to get to The Shell House Gallery in Ledbury on Saturday for the start of the 'Shirt Collar Project' exhibition.  Beautiful work and well worth a visit.  The supporting work was also very interesting and I particularly liked the pieces by Nancy Nicholson.

The final picture was one of the supporting pieces in the exhibition which I loved.
Unfortunately, it has been a very sad weekend too as Sox has been injured and we do not know how.  He is quite poorly at the moment and has had several visits to the vet. He has to go back again on Tuesday morning to have a rupture repaired and his foot looked at in more depth.  He could have been hit by something or perhaps the fox has had a go at him.  He disappeared on Friday and we eventually found him in the garage on Saturday morning, injured and traumatised.  He cannot put any weight on one of his front legs and has a bulge at one side of his tummy.  His body looks a bit bent at the moment.

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