Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Poor Sox

Sad to say Sox is very poorly as I write.  He had a 2 hour operation at the vets this morning to repair what they discovered was a very bad rupture and has had to be kept there overnight. He is feeling very sorry for himself at the moment and who can blame him after the trauma of the past few days.  We are still no wiser as to what happened to him.  The one bit of good news was that he has not broken his left front leg, but the x-ray showed that he has got arthritis in it.  We are not sure how old he is but he is at least 11 I guess.

On another front ... we are overrun with squirrels again.  It must be all this year's young ones I think!

Poor old Mr C next door has lost two swarms of his bees this week, so we will not be getting much honey this year.  Both lots of bees decided to swarm very high up in nearby trees and it was impossible to get them down and put them into new hives. Very annoying.

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