Friday, 25 July 2014

Time flies ....

Had to pop to Worcester this morning to take my Edward Thomas piece for the EG exhibition which forms part of the Three Choirs Festival.  Whilst there I took the opportunity to photograph this gate off the High Street in Worcester.  I seem to have got hooked on reading books about the Wars of the Roses and this particular piece of sculpture is to do with the Battle of Worcester and the pikestaffs.  The Wars of the Roses has lots of links with both Yorkshire and the part of the world I am not living in.

At long last the sweetpeas and sunflowers have decided to bloom.  Mind you this one does look a bit like "Little Weed".

I have also finished three wrap around book covers for sketchbooks this week.  This is the second one.

 This little chap has also featured in something else I have been doing ....
Sparrow front

Sparrow Backside!!


  1. Love the sparrow ! Hope he's mine ! Also very taken with quote on front of sketchbook cover ...

  2. ps will look for that amazing gate when I am down in November.