Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wrap Round Book Cover

Reverse and Front of cover
I always think I have been doing nothing, but this week I have been working on 3 wrapround sketchbook covers.  I promised one of my lovely friends that I would make a cover for her with some inspiring words on it.  This one is not it, but as I had the pelmet vilene and bondaweb out I thought I might as well use up some of my scraps of dyed fabric and make one or two more.  This is the only one I have finished.

The fabric has been hanging about since I was at college, which could easily by 10 years ago now!!  It was scrunched up and space dyed and is probably a bit of one of DH's old cotton shirts.  I am never one to waste things.

Had a challenging week again this week ... the cat has not been allowed out and has to be kept caged for a lot of the time, so you can imagine how happy he is about that.  When he is out of the cage all he wants to do is sit on me and nap.  A good waste of time so have seen a lot

Early on Thursday morning a young jackdaw managed to fall down the bedroom chimney.  I was none too pleased because it is the main bedroom that has had the walls plastered and painted and has a new cream carpet.  By Friday, as DH was showing no sign of resolving the problem, I found a hammer, bolster and dust sheets and removed the air vent brick that had been plastered into the wall.  I decided to leave the two french doors open that go out onto a balcony with the hope that the trapped bird will now have returned to the wild.  I did try to capture the bird first by luring it into a cat basket with food, but at soon as I appeared on the scene it popped back through the hole in the wall into the chimney.  It has stopped flapping or cheeping so guess it has gone.  Am now left with a nice hole in the wall that needs repairing.


  1. You wouldn't believe it if you read it in a book ! You are a better man than I am Gung Din !