Sunday, 27 July 2014

Not so Hairy Bikers (balding?)

The hot weather continues and we were invaded this weekend by a couple of DH's pals who arrived on their motorbikes and erected their tents on our back lawn ready for a sleepover.  It was lovely to sit outside and not only eat our evening meal out there, but also have breakfast too - not all at once you understand.

Le Camping
A lesser spotted not so hairy biker did leave me with a large selection of Thorntons chocolates (Chocolate Heaven Hamper?) which gave me the challenge of how to stop the chocolate melting in a heatwave when the fridge is full of food to feed the visiting hoards!!

Le Grand Departe

The other bike - er
On the upside our telephone line has been restored after almost a week, but now the internet has declined to the extent that it is almost impossible for me to view any posts with photographs on the blogs I follow.

I am afraid I shall have to disappoint my trusty friend who thought the sparrow in an earlier post was part of something for her!!  It's not.

Naughty Sox has been behaving badly this weekend too.  He has an impending visit to the vet on Monday, and obviously feels he is well on the way to recovery.  On Saturday afternoon we could not find him anywhere. He had last been seen on the balcony in the bedroom enjoying the cool air and sunshine.  It transpired that he had decided to make a jump for liberty and had escaped making off into a neighbour's garden. DH eventually got him to come back and he was returned to the confines of the house once more.  Not sure if he has done any damage to himself.  Only time will tell.


  1. Sorry about the sparrow - decided to be cheeky on the off chance ! Glad Sox appears to be up to making a break for freedonm !

  2. Went to vet this morning. She was unsure about whether I should let him out as muscle takes a long time to heal. You will see the sparrow sometime, hope it makes you laugh.