Saturday, 12 July 2014

Everything in the garden is ....

 Inula's have a lovely form.  They start off with fluffy buds which then open out to these lovely yellow daisy flowers.  It looks like they spread easily as they are now starting to take over the part of the garden they are planted in.
Mad Daisies
 I think I originally purchased this daisy at Tatton Park years ago.  I love its mad petals.
The Nasturtiums were planted to attract the blackfly away from the broadbeans, however, I planted too many and you cannot see the broadbeans at all.

Can't remember what the pink flowers are, but you also get them in white, and they self seed everywhere and I love them.  They almost glow in the evening when it is getting dusk.  We have lots of Verbena Bonariensis too.  Both of these travelled here from Yorkshire and have now seeded themselves in this garden.

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  1. Beautiful flowers I like the mad daisy's too lol
    Hope Sox is okay now?