Thursday, 10 July 2014

College Exhibition

Fool that I am ... I had to visit the college show twice because I somehow missed that fact that there was a lot of student work upstairs as well as on the ground floor.  You would not think I went to the college every week!!

There was some fabulous sculpture on display with our print classes efforts and also some lovely calligraphy.
I fancy having a go at calligraphy, but as I am such an untidy worker I do not think I would be much good at it.  The following two pieces were upstairs and I think the person who produced them was Valerie Kerridge.

This amusing collection is called 'Malvern Conserve' and each jar contains things relating to Malvern.  I guess there is also a play on the word 'Conserve' as we have the Malvern Hills Conservators.  The textile artist - Anni Dean - attends the C&G Alumni class at the college and also produces some lovely work as part of another forum - The Wednesday Group - which was formed when they all finished their C&G Embroidery studies.

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  1. Some lovely pieces -I'm sure your shed was much admired too ! have to say I'm with you on the calligraphy - it looks so beautiful but it is neat and precise and sadly I am not !