Thursday, 3 July 2014

Shed in Colour

At the last printing class this week I managed to produce some more copies of the drypoint shed with added colour.  In addition, I also printed another smaller shed, but unfortunately I have not got any copies of these at home.  It is the college exhibition starting on Friday and the tutor kept them to use for our class display.

Went to Hellens yesterday to the Textile Bazaar and managed to buy yet more goodies from Art Van Go.  I have got a Miracle Sponge which I am going to cut up to make print blocks, also bought a couple more Lumiere paints.  (I am gradually replacing my dried up Stewart Gill paints)  Almost forgot ... I also had to have yet another 6" x 6" plastic template, this time one with letters and numbers.

Sox is still at the vets, hopefully I am going to bring him home today.  He is still very poorly I am afraid.

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  1. This is lovely ! The colour really enhances your drypoint.