Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sojourn 'Up North'

I have just returned home after a few days in Yorkshire staying with one of my very good friends.  I had time to meet up one evening with three of the people I did C&G Embroidery with and we had a good old natter and catch up which was lovely.  Lots of nice food whilst I was away, it makes a change not to have to cook.  Think DH stuffed himself with the meals I had left ready for him.  He is not good on quantities, nor cooking for that matter, although all he had to do was put things in the oven.

The weather was brilliant most of the time and the day it rained - Saturday - I was inside as I had been persuaded to go to the Yorkshire & Humberside EG Regional Day.  Fantastic speakers, lots of lovely work, retail therapy and chance to see lots of the people I had got to know whilst a member of the Regional Committee for 4 years.

I took this picture of one of the entries for the regional competition purely because I like maps.  I think the theme was 'Waterways'.

I wish I had had time to stay longer, but needed to be back for my printing class on Monday morning.  I should now be all enthusiastic and full of ideas for subjects for the collagraphs we are currently working on!!  Some hope I think.

Almost forgot to mention all the bikes ... well they have got the big cycling event coming up soon.  There are yellow painted bikes all along the route and in Poole in Wharfedale there were ones with baskets of flowers on the front and back.  Terrific.  Pity I did not take any photographs.


  1. Lovely to see you yesterday Hazel, albeit briefly! There were some brilliant competitions pieces, weren't there - maybe you can make it an annual event!
    Mandy x

  2. Loved that piece of work - I have fond memories of Mikron Theatre travelling the canals over many years.