Friday, 5 August 2016

And Then ....

What did we do next. Can I have forgotten?

We were each given a length of wallpaper lining paper and we had to randomly cover it with gesso or white emulsion paint and candle wax.  This then had some good old Quink Ink painted onto it.  We left it all to dry overnight and were then asked to draw onto it with whatever was to hand and some black drawing ink. We could add one colour using either chalk or oil pastels.

This was then made into a concertina. The white lines at the edge were where I had taped the paper to my table to keep it steady.

I decided to decorate the other side of mine with Inktense blocks.  After I had made a rough wash over it all I did some rubbings in two colours over the  prairie points made from cartridge paper.

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