Sunday, 7 August 2016

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We were all given an A2 piece of cartridge paper which we had to randomly paste with bits of tissue paper and other scraps we had to hand, using PVA and/or gesso or emulsion paint.  Gaps had to be left to allow the cartridge paper surface to peep through too.  Paper flying off the edges was encouraged. This was all then coloured with either brusho, koh-i-noor or diluted acrylic paint. We were encouraged to print onto the surface as well.

Once it was completed and dry we folded it up and then made a long cut up the centre fold so that it resembled a pair of trousers. More folding and the piece of paper became a sort of concertina book.  The general idea was that it could then be used as design inspiration for a piece of work.

I forgot to photograph it so this is all I can show you.  It is the piece at the back of the picture. The smaller piece at the front is something we did later on. Looking at it I must have added some more detail before cutting it up!

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