Friday, 19 August 2016

Croome Embroideries

I popped to Croome on Thursday to see the Embroiderers' Guild work on display by the Cotswold branch.  Also managed to fit in a walk, although my foot is still very painful after an incident I had over a week ago with a supermarket trolley.  Think it is badly bruised rather than broken but it still hurts a lot. I managed to get a nice walk in before the sun got out later on and the weather returned to being very hot. Picked up some beech nuts and a couple of walnuts too so hope to do some sketching at home.

I came across this baby robin who did not seem in the least frightened of me and if you look closely you can see where he is just changing into his more familiar red plumage.

There was some interesting embroidery on display ...

and then there was this one ... which was very cleverly executed ....

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  1. all looks exciting - hope it's still on when we come down