Saturday, 27 August 2016

What have I been doing?

This might not look like much but it has taken me days to construct - after first of all working out how to do it. The unturfed lawn has been in a sad state for at least two years I guess waiting for DH to do something about it.  He seems to know every excuse in the book as to why he should not get on with any job I ask him to undertake.  One excuse was that the path was not done yet.  Well at least now it is well on the way to being made.

My next task for this bit of the job is to break up the pile of bricks at the end of the timbers and use them for a solid base before putting a membrane down and gravel. I am really looking forward to getting my sledge hammer out and smashing them up!!

I have also put a board across the end of another piece of would be lawn and am now lowering the level of soil down the side of the house so that it is two bricks below the dampcourse.  It is going to have a wooden edge to it too and some nice angular gravel to drain the water away and keep the house walls clean.

I think I must be mad as I have had moments of despair when I realised I did not really know what I was doing, but I always manage to work through it and find a solution. My latest such dilemma is what to do with a buried pipe at the side of the house that takes the surface water from the roof along the back of the house to the drain.

The flora is self seeded and I could not bear to dig them up as they look so pretty and brighten the place up.

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