Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Berrington Hall

Had the opportunity to go to Berrington Hall on Sunday to see the Capability Brown exhibition by the three branches of the Embroiderers' Guild - Marches, Stourbridge and Teme Valley.  There was some fabulous work on show.
Lesley Holland - The Veg Garden - Marches Branch - Paperweight

The 'Bringing Paper to Life' mannequins throughout the ground floor of the house were incredible.  I had to go back for a second look later in the day.


Henry Holland
If this was not enough there was a very beautiful exhibition of smocks in one of the upstairs rooms and I wish I had had more time to do some sketches of the stitches and patterns.


Outside in the grounds were several installations by Red Earth as part of their 'Genius Loci' sculptures.  It appears to be an ongoing work with some pieces still to be constructed.

"Telling the Waters"

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