Sunday, 26 July 2015

Avoidance Procedure

When I have things to do I do not want to do I start doing things I should not be doing ... such as doodling and tidying stuff into my many sketchbooks ....

I save cuttings of things I like and they generate quite a pile if I am not careful ....

Like lots of people I love all large black birds.  Afraid my jackdaw drawing is not very good but it gave me chance to play with the graphitint crayons that I have not used much.

I also adore sparrows and this one was from a photograph I took at the Welsh Botanic Gardens when we visited earlier this month.

Not a lot you can say about this one!  It was a postcard from a friend who had been to see puffins so she sent me a rather amusing postcard of a gannett, which I have now drawn using a Derwent Graphitint graphic pen.  Discovered it was capable of lots more than I thought and worked a bit like pencil does. You can darken it by adding more layers.

WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING YOU MIGHT ASK?  Sorting and packing the stuff for the TSG Summer School at Farncombe is the answer.  I have several piles of things I might need dotted around the house.  They now need to get into boxes or a bag ready to be transported.  I have suddenly got the 'dithers' and wonder what on earth I have let myself in for.

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