Friday, 3 July 2015

Here and there in the garden

Last week the builder finished off a little wall for me and I spent most of the Saturday shifting soil from one place to another.  Even after all my hard work there is still a little mountain to move ....

You can see it lurking behind the garden chair

The dwarf(?) conifer in this photo was the home to this lovely Dunnock's nest earlier in the year, but as far as we are aware a squirrel probably had the babies that were in there.

The nest is currently in the garage, but it will have to go before long as it is very fragile now it is no longer wedged in the conifer.  It is very small and it is hard to imagine how the little Dunnocks all got wedged in there.

and finally the roses are in full bloom now and are spectacular as is the perfume from them

It is not hard to see why we get so many squirrels with all this greenery about.

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