Sunday, 19 July 2015

Where to start ......

Over the past few days I have had a friend to stay and we have done so many fantastic things.  We went to Compton Verney last Wednesday to see the current exhibition 'The Arts & Craft House Then and Now' plus a wonderful silversmithing exhibition - 'The Hart Silversmiths - A Living Tradition'.  We started off outside and came across this ...

She is the 'Kern Baby' created by Faye Claridge.  You can see the height of her when compared to my diminutive friend who just happened to walk into frame.  The Kern Baby is 5 metres high, my friend is around 5ft!

Bad Hair Day? Her hair would originally have had ears of corn but they have all gone now and the stalks are all that remain.
Next was the William Morris Wild Flower Meadow created by Dan Pearson and designed on the 'Trellis' wallpaper pattern.

Last but not least I found a couple of textured things to inspire me

some kind of dandelion clock

Bejewelled home of a Tunnel Spider

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