Sunday, 19 July 2015

Saturday's Relaxation

I needed a rest on Saturday so DH and I went off to Brockhampton Estate in the afternoon.  What a treasure it was.

 Hinge on the church door

 View of the farmhouse
 Handle on the church door
 Gatehouse over the moat
And .... oh what a discovery ..... they had a copy of this 1919 book in the kitchen, which is the very same one that Linda Kemshall  has been amusing us all with by publishing extracts on her blog.  Children visiting the kitchen were beguiled by the lady podding broad beans.  It seemed that most had no idea where broad beans came from!  The older visitors - children of the '50's - found the parlour most interesting with it's copies of Dandy, treddle sewing machine and 2 early radios.

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